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Tap Tap Trillionaire - Helium Mega Save



Game Genie Video Game Enhancer
VIP Member
Hacking Team
LG V20 - Android 7.0 - Unrooted
United States of America

Version: Any

Root needed? No

Can be played Offline? Unsure

Game description:
- Run your own company!
- Hire and fire your traders!
- … Or collect them!
- Buy Low, Sell High!
- … Or have your traders do it for you!
- Decorate your office with… STUFF!
- … Or move to a Castle!
- AND MAKE TRILLION OF COINS because of reasons.

Google Playstore link:
Mod Features:
Start With 348 Billion Coins
Start With 2 Billion Gems
Start With 2 Billion Books

Installation Instructions:
1. Install Helium Backup
2. Install Game From Playstore
3. Run game once
4. Run Helium & Create Backup
5. Download My modded Save
6. Extract Save to your device, then move to Sdcard/Carbon & overwrite your current save
7. Run Helium again and now restore the modded save file
8. Run & Enjoy

Under Customize, tap the pencil next to the name and you can change your name.

Credits to: Axiom

Download link(s):

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