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Name of the app you are reviewing: The Arcana

An awesome game that the trailer doesn't quite cover it's mystical greatness. This game is the reason I have made this sbenny account.

The Arcana is a mobile game with a large fandom. You can pick multiple different routes with a choice of 6 different-personality, beautifully crafted characters. Your choices with them determine how their lives turn out as well as yours, whisking you away on a dramatic adventure intertwined with a Romance of your chosen character after completing the prologue.
Your role as MC and magician's apprentice with most of your memories missing, is to solve the murder of the count of Vesuvia, but depending on who's route you take (out of sensitive magician Asra, sassy convicted murderer Julian, calm Countess Nadia, arrogant Count Lucio, caring handmaiden Portia and mysterious but gentle stranger Muriel) You investigate it in many different ways.
But that isn't all. You can set your name and pronouns to anything you like-including genderneutral-to make things more personal. You can also change these at any time.
And there are three different minigames.
I absolutely love this game and if someone asks me if there is anything not to like about it, I would say that you get very attatched to the characters and their stories, and the beautiful scenery. Oh, and the in game currency (coins and keys) are quite expensive.

Would you recommend this to other users? I would absolutely recommend this game to people, aso it truly needs more credit for such an inventive storyline, wonderful art and music, and great characters.

Rating (1-5): ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Great review. I agree, the music is fantastic, the art is stunning and the characters are very well done. Julian is so dumb and perfect to me.
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