📰 News! The Chronicles of Sbenny #1: "Cheaters of Sbennytopia"


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like i said in my email for @Sbenny and i quote :
" i am sorry but u mean that you take my sb cache why!!
how is cheating with video ads !!!
i swear to God I thought that i get plus because some days i don't get the chance to watch the ad
i didn't think that was a cheating
i am sorry if that was cheating but i swear i didn't know that"
so i think it's unfair to just do this that's my opinion


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MARVIN THE MARTIAN IS IN THE HOUSE!!!! ♥w♥ Gosh i missed my good friend! Hope you are doing alright!
It's certainly been a minute, hasnt it? I looked up your profile, but alas, it doesn't want to play nice. It's being shy or something.

I miss you 🙀😻🙀

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