📖 eBook Download The Dragon Ship (The Fae War Chronicles #6) By Jocelyn Fox,

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Name of this eBook: The Dragon Ship (The Fae War Chronicles #6) By Jocelyn Fox,

eBook Description:
As the Sidhe Courts continue to rebuild after the war against the Enemy and then the overthrow of the Mad Queen, mortal Vivian must find her new place in the Fae world as the first Paladin in centuries.

The new Unseelie Queen faces challenges from within her own Court, and a shocking revelation sets into motion an expedition to rescue--or lay to rest--one of the long-lost heroes of the Unseelie Court.

And beyond the horizon, far past the borders of the kingdoms of the Fae Queens, a Seafarer girl discovers her own hidden heritage, unknowingly setting herself on a collision course with the Sidhe.

Will new heroes rise to meet the challenges of a world rising from the ashes of war, or will strife and darkness reign once again over the Fae world?

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