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The King wanted to marry off her daughter to some charming prince as soon as possible but the princess disagreed. The price to pay was harsh as the princess was forced to fled from the kingdom and start her new life as a farmer.

The cute graphics are so amazing! Even the story and numerous quests keep on piling. The game is also easy to play with and you'll also meet some eligible bachelor's in this game like any harvest moon game. Ooh! How exciting! I just love farm games with a little love mixed in it, especially a sassy princess. Money is the most crucial part of this game as each month on its 30th day, a frog-like, disguised man will come visit for rent and it's likely to raise it's amount each time you pay. Don't worry, there are so many opportunities to earn money but it's best to keep some eye on the amount you spend since it's game over when you don't pay up. Well, not exactly game over. You'll just get back to the current month's 20th day and decrease some of your stats but luckily, the story is still going. The game also provides mini-games in each male bachelor that visits your house. Winning the game raise his affections to 5 and decrease when losing. The game is just so addictive and you can't stop playing it. Multiple stores and houses sells a lot of different things and raise your stats greatly. The good thing about this game is that even spring crops can be planted on summer or any other seasons at that but it doesn't mean they won't wither if you neglect them though. So this game has a lot of good points and bad ones but hey, you reap what you sow.

Would you recommend this to other users? Enjoy this game without breaking a sweat as you casually enjoy this game, worrying the time, money, HP, EXP, and affections all in one day.

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