🎮 MOD APK The Pet Doctor’s Secret : Romance Otome Game v2.0.6 Free Premium Chocies (New)


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The Pet Doctor’s Secret : Romance Otome Game v2.0.6 Free Premium Chocies (New)

The Pet Doctor’s Secret : Romance Otome Game v2.0.6

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MOD Author: Debby
Type of release: Paid

Download Link: (need help? Watch this video tutorial)

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  • Life in college was pretty normal until one day, your cat gets sick and you have to take it to the nearby animal hospital. They’re not able to figure out what’s wrong, but they recommend you take your cat to the hospital that’s rumored to be able to cure anything. Two extremely handsome doctors and an energetic receptionist seem to be the only staff, but miraculously, they’re able to help your cat in no time! You decide to take up a part-time job at the hospital, but there’s just one rule… Never peak into the operating room while they’re at work!

    But one night, you accidentally walk in on them in the operating room and discover their secret. They’ve got ears and tails! It seems their secret was that they could talk to the animals because they’re part animal themselves! Download now the MOD APK of The Pet Doctor’s Secret : Romance Otome Game for free, only at sbenny.com!

  • You can play and install this app without root permissions.

    You need an active Internet Connection to play this game.

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  • This is a SPLIT APK. In order to install this, you need to install the "Split APK Installer " App on your phone. Then, open it, tap on"Install APKs" and select the downloaded file in order to install it. If the app doesn't install for some reason, open the settings at the top-left of Split APKS Installer and enable the "Sign APK" option and then try again.

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