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💲 Paid APK Tiny Pirates v2.01 ~ Free Premium Children RPG

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Tiny Pirates v2.01 ~ Free Premium Children RPG

💾 Name of the game: Tiny Pirates

⌛️ Version: v2.01

Root needed? No: you can play and install this app without root permissions.

📡 Internet required? No: you can play this game even without any Internet Connection.

Game Description:
Tiny Pirates

Lets kids discover the world of pirates, helping them learn the principle of cause and effect while they play and engage with exciting situations.

The entire game is interactive and ready for discovery :
• Assemble your own crew (over 65 million variations)
• Help load the pirate ship: roll barrels and stack crates
• Discover the harbor and get to know the locals
• Steer the ship: raise both sails to travel faster
• Drop the anchor and go swimming in the ocean
... and discover many, many more mini-games.
Cause and effect: unlimited fun
Children discover our pirate world based on a simple principle :
▸ Whenever you touch or move something with your fingers, you create an effect. Children can actively create their own environment within our pirate world.
Lots of exciting adventures and cool mini-games for unlimited fun.

1. In the harbor
▸ Roll barrels and stack crates (but be careful, and don’t sink your ship!)
▸ Drink lemonade and have fun
▸ Compete in a sack race
▸ Can you find the little monkey?
▸ Free your shipmate (Psst, but don’t wake the soldier!)
▸ Find a treasure map
▸ Set off fireworks
... and lots of other features.

2. On the pirate ship
▸ Set sail and raise anchor
▸ Take a cool dip in the ocean
▸ Play with the cute fish
▸ Keep watch for treasure islands
▸ Collect stones from the bottom of the ocean and load them on your ship
... and lots of other features.
A big surprise :
▸ The pirate dance: play the accordion and get your crew dancing!

Children love our toddler activity apps :
▸ Hand-crafted illustrations.
▸ Over 60 engaging, complex ways to interact with the game.
▸ Funny and adorable sounds.
▸ An app designed for big and small alike, for hours of gaming fun.
▸ No in-app purchases, no third-party advertisements.

Google Play Store Link:
🔮MOD Features:
Is it Good? 😄
Yes, even for 'fake' adults. 😉
300MB required. 💡
You know me, price might Raise without Notice 🚨
Grab it NOW or live with Regrets 😢

YouTube Video:

⚙️Installation Instructions:
Download both APK and GAME CACHE files. To install the APK file just tap on it after making sure to uninstall your game first (if already installed). Then extract the GAME CACHE archive to sdcard/android/obb/ and you're done!

✒️Credits to: KentCave

Download Link(s):
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Thanks! I will make a video for it!

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