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🎮 SB MOD APK Vampire & Miko 100 Year Promise v.1.4.2 ~ FREE SHOPPING

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Vampire & Miko 100 Year Promise v.1.4.2 ~ FREE SHOPPING

Vampire & Miko 100 Year Promise v.1.4.2

 MOD Features   How to install

MOD Author: Ferz

Download Link: (need help? Watch this video tutorial)
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  • This new story includes a truth 100 years ago from the story of ‘100 Years Love with a Vampire’.

    A story in which a young Miko and a Vampire meet and part.

    “Stay still. I won’t take your life.”

    I said this to a girl holding her behind.

    Her thin shoulders were shaking.
    I’m sorry. But it won’t take long.

    Her white neck. Gulp. Red blood under her thin skin is hidden.

    I haven’t had a meal for a long time...


    [Note: 1]
    This story is set up 100 years ago from the story of ‘100 Years Love with a Vampire’. The story includes some stories of the ‘100 Years Love with a Vampire’.

    You can enjoy playing just this game, but you can enjoy this story even more after completing ‘100 Years Love with a Vampire’.

    [Note: 2]
    This story is a translated story from the created story in Japan.
    The characters, buildings, name of places etc. were created and they don’t exist.
    There is no consideration about time.
    Please just enjoy the fantasy and the modern version.


    This is a mysterious story of a Vampire in the West and a maiden Miko in the Japanese Shinto shrine.
    A Vampire from a foreign country met Japanese Yokai monsters and Yaoyorozu Gods
    such as the Tengu and the Fox with 9 tails etc.


    Harue (Miko, Shinto shrine maiden)
    Due to her great father,
    a girl isn’t confident about herself.
    Her friends were Yokai monsters when she was little.

    Gerald (Vampire)
    He is a Vampire which is a monster in the foreign country who happened to come to the Japanese Shinto shrine.
    He is a good looking guy (IKEMEN) as well as being kind.
    In the story of ‘100 Years Love with a Vampire’, he appeared palm size.
    His favorite food is a girl's blood, but he always fails to get it.

  • You can play and install this app without root permissions.

    You can play this game even without any Internet Connection.


  • This app is patched using SB Patcher ٫ so you'll need to have this app installed on your device or the hack will not work: SB Patcher + MOD.

  • 😥 No videos yet. If you would like to thank Ferz and gain some extra SB Cash, record your gameplay and share it here.

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