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Name of the app you are reviewing: We Happy Few

A game where the player is in a dystopian society in which all people take pills called "joy" which erase all bad thoughts and memories. When the player starts to recall his past, he gets off his "joy," and must learn to survive in the world outside society.

I love this game so much. The graphics are amazing, the idea behind the game is original and creative, and the controls are enjoyable. I think the idea of the joy pills are super creative. On them you see nothing but butterflies and sunshine. Off of them you see the actual world, filled with rotting corpses and a gloomy, wasted society. The plot of the main character, Arthur, slowly recoving the memories he's forgotten for over ten years, then going off to try to correct the tragedy of his past is interesting, and even more so when the game starts to reveal that it may be Arthurs faul that that tradedy happened more than you originall thought. I also enjoy that it's set in a timeline where Germany won WW2. I always enjoy media that deals with alternative "what-ifs" to history, and this doesn't dissapoint. The game is more attuned to players that like sneak games, so if you're more of a tank player (like me) be aware that that is a more challenging aspect of this game. For that reason alone I honestly was kinda iffy on if I was gonna get and try this game, but now that I have I'm glad I did. It's 100% worth the playthrough.

Would you recommend this to other users? Absolutely.

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