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Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella (epub)

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Lottie is sure that her boyfriend Richard is planning to propose when he organises a special lunch. Unfortunately, Richard is only planning a trip, and balks at the idea of marriage. Devastated, Lottie somehow reconnects with Ben, her summer fling when she was 18 and travelling in Ikonos. Impulsively, Lottie and Ben decides that they are each other's "the one who got away" and ends up getting married in a whirlwind ceremony and flying to Ikonos for their honeymoon.

Fliss, Lottie's older sister, who has been working on delaying the marriage is horrified when she found out. Determined to stop Ben and Lottie from consummating their marriage, she hops on a plane to Ikonos, towing along Lorcan, Ben's best friend who equally thinks the marriage is a terrible idea.

In the ensuing antics, Ben and Lottie discovers a lot about each other, and so does Fliss and Lorcan, as the sisters navigate their relationship with their men and each other to often hilarious but heartwarming results.

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