Which song touches you emotionally?


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There are certainly many songs in life that touch emotionally. Which song has touched you emotionally "again" recently?

Luciano Pavarotti - Ave Maria


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"I hate you, i love you" :)


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"Days of Our Lives" by Queen. Freddie Mercury looked so ill from AIDS in the video and the lyrics were so emotional, it was basically him telling everyone that he loved them because he knew he didn't have much time left. Rest in peace Legend... 29 years later and I still miss him.


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"God Gave Rock 'N'Roll to You" by KISS. That one definitely hits hard especially when I'm feeling alone. It reminds me that even if everyone has their back against me, I'll still have rock n roll. Music will always stay even if everyone walks away.


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The lyrics are just painfully relatable, especially knowing the background

Oppa Madara

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This song touches my...parody taste.



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No Rain, No Rainbow by BABYMETAL. Its about love, what kind of love is up to listener and it also about loss.



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Umm.... Many in fact
1. ODD future by UVERworld (Japanese song, if you read it's lyrics meaning you will understand)
2. Kaze (it was also used in Naruto Shippuden season 17, the main element of the song is "I can feel it I will keep believing in the light"(spelled in the song as "I can feel it Donna toki datte hikari wo shinjiteruu")
3. 'talk to myself' by AVICII (so how many of you think many things in the night? I do)


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Somewhere over the rainbow


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