Outdated Version or Broken Link Report

Specify the name of the game you're reporting as OUTDATED. Example: Subway Surfers.
Specify the url on our website to reach the page of the game you're reporting as outdated. Example: https://sbenny.com/game/subway-surfers .
If you know the username of the author of this apk, please specify it, and he/she will be notified of your post. Example: SusieQ or Sbenny or Axiom etc. Don't add any @ symbols, they will be added automatically.
Specify the version we're actually providing. Example: v1.0.2
Specify the last version on Google Play, or the last version you know for this game. Example: v1.0.3. If you instead are reporting a broken link, specify here its link.
Please tell us if you can play this game in offline mode or if it does force you to play online instead.
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