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Atlantis the lost empire

Description: Atlantis the lost empire is a platform action game developed by Eurocom that challenges players through more than 14 levels as they attempt to save Atlantis from its demise by playing as its hero Milo. You can revisit environments from the movie and get to see iconic characters again.

Installation Instructions: First you need to have an emulator to play.
I recommend either MyBoy or John GBA there are free and paid versions of both that you can get in the Google play store. Alternatively you can also get MyBoy from Sbenny under the GBA Emulator tab thanks to Struppi. If you find that you don't like either of these two there are others in the play store that you can try like pizza boy.
After that simply download the rom, open your emulator of choice, locate the rom, click on it and play.

Download Link(s):
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