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Description: Since the dawn of time, the forces of order and chaos have been entangled in an eternal struggle to decide the fate of all creation. This battle has now reached the mortal world ... And neither human, nor demon or angel will remain untouched.

In Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, this time, players follow the trail of Baal, the last of the Three Great Evils, into the barbarian highlands of the North. Baal, wandering around the world with his horde of demonic subordinates, wants to destroy the mighty Worldstone that protects the entire mortal world from the forces of hell.

The player is faced with a series of new quests and challenges that prevent the vile underworld miners from destroying the world of Sanctuary.

New are the Assasine and the Druid. The Assasine can set traps and charge powerful combos to unload them with powerful finisher moves. The Druid can acquire the powers of nature and cause creatures of the wild. He can also turn into a werewolf or an advertiser.

Installation Instructions: For those running Windows 10 and having trouble running the game. I did the following after installing and the game now works perfectly.

1. Copy the .MPQ files from the Lord of Destruction Disc into the Diablo 2 installation directory. This lets the game run without needing the Play Disc (i.e. No CD Patch).

2. Google "patching classic games blizzard support" and download/install the latest Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction patch.

3. Google "Svens Wrapper Diablo 2" and download the latest zip file. Copy glide3x.dll to the Diablo 2 installation directory. Finally, right click the desktop shortcut to Diablo 2, click properties, and add -3dfx to the end of the Target path. It should now look something like "D:GamesDiablo IIDiablo II.exe" -3dfx

You should be all set.

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