📖 Tutorial How to Root Samsung Galaxy S4 - GTI-9505 - Lollipop


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How to Root your Galaxy S4 ? Just follow my guide ;)

For more info about root check this topic ----> viewtopic.php?p=249#p249

What you need ? Easy , a PC , your S4 and 2 files :)
Now we begin with the procedure

  • Step 1

Download CF auto root from Here and Odin 3 from Here

  • Step 2

Unzip CF and Odin 3 on your PC

  • Step 3

Now , open Odin 3 and turn your S4 into Download Mode ( Power + Home + Vol Down )

Now connect your S4 with a USB cable to your PC and press Vol Up on your galaxy to continue

  • Step 4

Now that your galaxy is connected to Odin 3 the next step is to flash the tar.md5 file

now add the tar.md5 file you downloaded before ;)

Press start , let Odin do his work and Enjoy ;)

What root is ??? ----> viewtopic.php?p=249#p249

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Is this method still on date? I want to root my device thats the reason for asking.
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