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Name of the app you are reviewing: The Arcana

In the world of chaos and pride, a kingdom arises called Vesuvia. This happy and proud city is overwhelmed though, overwhelmed by the recent surposed murdering of Count Lucio.
You'll go on a journey through the whole story of how everything happend, through the eyes of 6 different characters, to find the truth!

The story of how the Count got surposingly murded seems to be the main focus of this piece of virtual literature, but it's way more than that!
Not even will there be a heavy focus on the main 6 characters you can read through (Muriel the shy wanderer, Portia the energetic servant, Nadia the proud countess and ex-wife Lucios, Julian the childish Plague Doctor, Asra the magician and your personal friend and Count Lucio himself).
You'll play as yourself (most referred to as MC outside the story itself).
You're able to choose your name and gender for yourself, non binary included which is really important to include everyone!
You first have to play a prologe containing 5 chapters, to get a overall understanding of what the story will hold for you.
After that you can decide in Form of the main 6, which character you want to romance with.
I adore this concept, it only can you choose for yourself, you can also see the story from different points of views! This is especially interesting because in one go, you'll definitely not know everything, tiny details will reveal themselves within the different variations! Currently, 3 character storys are completely finished, 3 remain unfinished but are sure to continue.
When the storyline is finished, you either get a good (upright) or bad (reversed) ending, depending on your choices you've made in the story earlier.
A great way to keep the reader interested in the different outcomes and maybe rereading the story multiple times!
Some of the character storys are quite similar (Asra, nadia and Julian route) but others are completely different, even play outside Vesuvias and shed light on different points who might be unclear! Especially muriels route explores new areas, shed light on lucios past, without giving to much away from the beginning! In my opinion, one of the best story parts there is, even if I am not a huge fan of muriels concept itself, but this is just subjective!
To open up a chapter, you need keys! They refill every 3 hours. This might be quite long but it's really a good thing to keep you hooked and wanting to know how the story will continue, to make you even more happy when you're able to continue!
Meanwhile, arcana gives you the opportunity to spend your time, playing some minigames to collect different trinkets, which grant you additional information about the characters or reward you with prices.
The "Heart Hunter" mini game is really great, you're able to romance with different characters and collect postcards of them which each reveal a hidden message within them, kind of sweet if it's the character you really adore and want to know more of!
Everyday you can collect tarot points, who let you get a free card reading by your character of choice, by the end of a whole week.
All in all, this game is very entertaining, keeps you busy without requiring to much!
It's a great novel to read, funny moments, tense moments and just a work to adore!
Definitely check it out if you're into fantasy, fables and romancing in general!

Would you recommend this to other users? Oh yes I would! The producers did an outstanding job with this visual novel.
The artworks are fantastic, the music, each representing different emotions, is great and overall it's a piece of art!
Sure, every Form of art has it's sloe moments, I think the story rather starts of slow and seems to drag a bit but overall, there's really nothing to complain about!

Rating (1-5): ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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The Arcana is by far one of my top favorite mobile visual novel style games. Julian is so dumb and loveable. All the characters are fantastic, art is beautiful and music is great.
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