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This will be a completely spoiler free review because there's nothing worse than someone who spoils a book, but let me just say that The Gentleman's Guide lives up to the insane hype surrounding it and I could not put it down!

I'd never read a Mackenzi Lee book before and her writing is incredible. The first book in the Montague Siblings series follows Henry "Monty" Montague on his Grand Tour of Europe (or as his father would call it a last ditch effort to culture and turn Monty into a man capable of taking over his fathers business, title, and estate) with his best friend Percy and his little sister Felicity Montague. And for the first few months the tour seems to be going fine, but then one bad thing after another after and Monty's Grand Tour turns into a journey of epic proportions with twists and turns that even I wasn't expecting.

Without giving any major plot points away there is plenty of diversity in this book if that's what you're looking for in a historical YA, and if not then there's more than enough adventure to enjoy.

5/5 stars I would highly recommend this book.

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