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Name of the movie you are reviewing: The Lion King (2019)

A live action adaptation of a beloved Disney classic. The musical drama rehashes the pre-existing 2D animation with an eerily rendered 3D style that doesn't contribute much to their aim of nostalgia factor.

25 years after the original Lion King came out in 1994 Disney decided to dip their hands in reinvigorating their old classics for the current generation children, and for their old viewers to take a trip down memory lane. The Lion King (2019) was ambitious to live up to its name, however sequels or adaptations rarely, if ever, live up to the original that paved the way and it would be naive to believe that Disney would be any different. To fill the extremely large shoes left behind, the film started casting incredibly large names for its musical roster (Beyonce, Donald Glover etc) and those musicians then became the voice actors of the film. Simply having a famous name attached to a project guarantees dedicated and radical fans to blindly support anything that contains their object of idolisation. These guarantors however pretty much secure a box office hit despite varying levels of enjoyment for the film. The 3D animation is perfect, perhaps almost too perfect, too lifelike and too realistic. The animals simply resemble the animals in reality eerily excessively which may be too much for the viewer to suspend their disbelief to accept that 'Yes, these animal can talk and sing.' Whereas in the original the unrealistic designs and anthropomorphism actually allows the audience to recognise that the film is a fantasy world where Lions can talk and re-enact an animal kingdom version of Shakespeare's Hamlet. The film plays it relatively safe with no drastic changes to the plot or music, however part of The Lion King's (1994) charm was the expressive and fluid animation of Simba and pals and this adaptation only cements how important the medium of a text can be in portrayal of a meaningful narrative.

Would you recommend this to other users? If you have simply seen the original Lion King too many times, then perhaps try out a new 3D viewing experience, otherwise, I would recommend sticking to the original.

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So,cartoon.In the old version of the cartoon,everything suited me.This is my and my parents' favorite cartoon.3D version very cool made!Big plus very good quality.The most beautiful filmof the year!Thanks to director John Favre for conveying the atmosphere.Muchlike a cartoon,but watching a movie is a different feeling.A very kind and sad film.It touches the soul strongly and tears burst out as a volcano.How can you not cry.He will always be in my heart.I advise you to watch.

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