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The Red Knight is a must for Fans of Fantasy and Medieval history both.

The Red Knight is a must for fans of fantasy and medieval history both. Cameron's knowledge of armour and weapons and knightly accord comes from his historical fiction work as Christian Cameron and it shows. I truly felt like I had stepped back into medieval Europe, but a past of ours that included all the mythical creatures and beings from all those heraldic devices. Wyverns and hulking trolls, demons and wyrms.

The battles are gritty and real. There is a lot of Sword Fighting so this Book or series ain't for the Faint Hearted. From knights to squires and nuns to priors, the way the characters interact is sublime. If you like your knights traditional and authentic, your beasts powerful and horrifying, and your magic system unique, then The Red Knight is for you!

I personally listened to the Audiobook. The Audio Book is Truly A Masterpiece with Real world like Voices For Each Character. Initially it might be disconnecting to read through different character perspective occasionally but once you get to know all the character deeply then you will start enjoying the constant change of character. Also for some people this book may seem odd dull initially but I would say that if you read through the initail parts then eventualy you will surely start loving this book later. This Series Is the best Fantasy Series I Read After A long time And Loved this Series even more than ASOIAF which used to be my Fantasy Favourite. This Series gave me a Deep wonderful experience of a Fantastic World With Fantastic Characters. I totally recommend this book to all especially to fantasy genre readers.

Here is the Audiobook link if you want: Audiobook Download - The Red Knight (Traitor Son Cycle 1) by Miles Cameron

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