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[Visual Novel/Otome] Princess Nightmare

Alternate Title(s): プリンセスナイトメア
Developer(s): Karin Entertainment
Publisher(s): Karin Entertainment
Release Date: 2007-04-27
Language(s): English
Voiced: Fully Voiced
English Patch Credits: OGE
English Patch Release Date: 2014-10-18
OS: Windows
Size: 769.58 MB

Little is a vampire girl. Radou treats her like his little sister and Vlad Dracula is like her father, though they are not blood-related. One day, their hiding place is found by vampire hunters and they are forced to get out of a town. Where they arrive is Japan. They sleep at an old house during the daytime and act as vampires at night. Little meets a boy and longs for human life. Radou denies it, but Dracula allows her to join a school. She makes friends and enjoys her school life. But one day, a messenger comes to their place and tells them to go back to the devil world....

Installation Instructions:
1. Extract the .rar (e.g. using WinRAR)
2. No installation required, simply just play the game! (English patch has already been applied)

Download Link(s):
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