1. Mod apk Random Space: Survival Simulator v1.12 !! MOD Menu (Unlimited Resources) !!

    Random Space: Survival Simulator v1.12 !! MOD Menu (Unlimited Resources) !! Random Space: Survival Simulator v1.12 Credits to: GourovType of release: Paid Download Link-=Stripped Content=- You suffered a wreck in an unknown system due to spacecraft failure...
  2. Pick-Ups yeah i miss a few

    Do you like reading, cause your literary-ly perfect. That ones a stretch. ~
  3. Pick-Ups Day 4

    Are you a fruit, cause your a fine-apple. ~ Yeah, I'm out of ideas already
  4. Pick-Ups Day 3

    Are you a rose, cause your being a little prickly. Love yas
  5. Pick-Ups Day 2 omg

    Are you a cat, cause girrl, you purrfect~ Brought to you by Zelda- my kitty cat
  6. Pick Ups cause im not original

    Are you a bucket, cause I wanna fill you up. I hate myself for this line.
  7. Pick Up Lines No.ihavenothingbettertodo

    Are you a toaster, cause I wanna take a bath with you. Ps. I have a dark sense of humor, I'm not actually gonna toaster/bath.
  8. A real challenge to the real Kung fu masters.🐄

    I have never seen such a dreadful fight. A 1 on 1 battle royale between two fearless Kung fu warriors.. 😂😂 Don't laugh too much, okay. It's just for fun.😊😃 CAUTION: Please do not watch this video if you have heart related problems/ wierd nightmares.😅😅
  9. Pick Up lines #idontknowanymore

    Are you a test, cause I'm gonna fail you, cause I refuse to cheat. I need someone to love me Who wouldn't love my pickup lines?
  10. Puns the Saga pt.2

    This is Forum you all, cause I've been Lina towards giving you guys a laugh. This one is even less funny. I hate m y s e l f. o o f
  11. Puns the Saga pt.1

    S Benny a long time since I've been on here. Hehe, get it. I'll leave now
  12. Away for A while

    Life sucks, school sucks, this sucks so far. Just not having a good time is all, but there is a bright side. I'VE GOTTEN BETTER AT ART! That's about the only good thing in my life rn. So how's everyone else doing? How's your 2020 so far? Let's chat a little!
  13. Oofie oof oof

    Idk, just decided to post, I just need to feel loved cause no one loves. T_T please love me. In all seriousness I'm really depressed rn, and my insecurity is running high, so yeah life is currently a crushing weight. 1576820714 Idk why I put this on jokes, it's not a joke
  14. Pick Up Lines #i so alone

    Are you my love life? Cause your a disaster!
  15. Pick Up Line #not really just stupid lines

    Roses are red, Violets are blue, Give your babies, So I can't lose you. Jk, don't actually do this
  16. It's the end

    It's coming to the end of a decade, and wow, it's been a decade. What's your favorite and least favorite year out of this decade? Why? Oof this sound like one of those writing questions you see on a test, sorry, but I'm really curious. Are you ready for the new decade? Do you think I will be...
  17. Pick Up Lines #still don't know

    You can call me Santa, Cause I watch you while your sleeping.
  18. Whats your Plans?

    Have anything special happening this holiday? Plans? Trips? Sitting in your pj's playing Skyrim with coco? I'd love to hear your plans!! Mine is the last one!!
  19. Pick Up Lines #Idk

    Are you an oyster, cause your pretty shellfish. I think an oyster is a shellfish?
  20. Why did...

    Why did my ex leave me? He was gay, and I'm not a man. Oof Seriously tho, this happened