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  1. ✅ Solved Regarding india pubg

    Hello, I'm from India and recently the govt decided to ban pubg from playstore and i was wondering if using vpn can make it downloadable again from playstore or some other way without rooting my device. Update: I have figured it out, turns out i needed to uninstall the updates of playstore for...
  2. Call of duty VS Pubg

    Which better ?
  3. Tencent Gaming Buddy PUBG Mobile on PC

    Tencent Gaming Buddy PUBG Mobile on PC Although it still has a ways to go to catch up to its competitor Fortnite in terms of revenue, PUBG Mobile is making itself out to be a real contender for the mobile gaming crown. It was the most downloaded game in the first half of 2018 and thanks to...
  4. PUBG Mobile Lua Script

    ROOT ONLY MUST HAVE A ROOTED PHONE OR TABLET Game Guardian Is Required About This File Attention Don't Use script without your not using new bypass . You will get banned.... New Script PUBG Mobile ( undetection ) Wallhack Just Work In PHONE If you want using wallhack , dont forget for edit...
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