Sponsorship Program

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Become Sponsor of Sbenny.com

Why should I become a Sponsor?

With over 1,000,000 multi-language pages currently indexed on Google and thousand people browsing our website from all around the world every day, becoming a sponsor of Sbenny.com is definitely a great way to promote your business and reach new audience!

What do I get by becoming a Sponsor?

By becoming a Sponsor, we'll promote your business or social media by displaying a banner you'll send us with a dofollow link to your website/services at the bottom of every single page of our community, resulting in a huge visibility increase for your business/social media (and a great SEO boost).

What to do to become a Sponsor?

With a single payment of just €19,99, you'll become a sponsor for 15 days. For longer partnerships, we do offer a more convenient packages, too. For example, we do offer a package worth 2 months of sponsorship for just €49.99 (save 40%) and for those looking for the best deal, we offer a very cheap Sponsorship Package worth 1 year for just €199,99 (save 120%).

What can I promote?

We allow a wide range of promotable content, such as your Local Business, your Social Medias, your YouTube Channel, your eCommerce store and a lot more. Beware we don't allow the following categories:

  • Adult Content
  • Explicit Content
  • Misleading Content
  • Fake News Content
  • Sites or Services with our same niche

In all cases, we reserve the right to approve/deny each submission. Don't worry, in case of denial, we'll contact you and issue a full refund.

How do I send you the banner and/or the link?

You can easily upload your banner and put your business link by filling this form after making your purchase.

How long will it take to show my Banner?

It usually takes around 60 minutes to see your Banner live on our site. You can speed up the process by contacting and/or sending us a draft before purchasing your Sponsorship Package.

To get started, check our Sponsorship Packages in this page: Sponsorship Program (make sure you're logged in first).

If you need help or if you have any pre-sales questions, you can contact us at anytime by clicking here. We'll get back to you within 24 hours (Mon-Fri).

Please also note, in case of multiple sponsorships running at the same time, we may alternate banners accordingly, in order to guarantee each banner has the same vieweability, like the example below.