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Hi all.

Im looking for some Android hack app.
Can someone can advice me best app to get into someones phone thru wifi connection or Bluetooth.
So the person cant see me connecting.
Main thing i need app to be able to
See files, Pic,Doc
Copy App data and sms text


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Be smart, don't risk getting into trouble with law enforcement and being put on trial for violating one or more criminal laws/statutes.

What you desire to do is illegal all across the civilized world.

If you suspect someone of cheating on you, lying to you, violating your trust; you're very likely correct.

Don't risk your freedom and good name by breaking one (or more) law(s) trying to prove a person is a liar, cheater, scammer, or trickster.

The fact that you THINK he/she/it is all of that (maybe more), accept YOUR truth, break all ties with the violator of your trust, and move on with your life.

Always make SMART choices, never make hasty, stupid choices.

Only YOU can prevent your incarceration and disruption of your life as a free person!

NOTE: I tell you this a licensed, practicing attorney and retired judge. Don't do stupid stuff.


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It's only met to be used for my kids.
Because they are only 8 years old and kinds our days are really quick looking to stuff and messaging people not supposed.
It's only for personal use.

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I do agree with 💎sercetbunker in regards to privacy and laws.

But if you are looking for parenting Softwares, best to seek out help from a security expert, sadly due to the current state of the world that could be a challenge and consulting expect cost money.

The most low-cost and simple suggestion I can offer is:
Ask your kid(s) to handover their phones after dinner or before bedtime and return their phones after breakfast or lunch.

They should be asleep anyways plus you get to hold on to their phones for safekeeping, giving you a chance to inspect their browser history or messages. Also, if you want your kid(s) to help around the house, best to let them get bored by holding on to their phones until after lunch; A person with a phone and internet connection doesn't get bored regardless of age.

It might also help if you are honest about why they need to hand over their phones, it's debate-able.

We have a club called "Kid zone!", a place for kids, parents, and guardians to find family-friendly content and conversations. Maybe you have some parenting tips and tricks, experiences, or game suggestions that you would like to share with other parents and guardians.


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Hi there,

I am closing this question and moving it to Answered Questions as this question has been resolved. If you have any other questions please post them in our Questions Area.

Thank you!