How to expand storage for a matebook?

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Heya folks, I was stuck in a root figuring how to expand my storage externally for a matebook. I won the matebook and the specs was quite good except for the storage. Thinking to get an external storage but I dont really know what type to get. Saw a lots of type but which one that allowed for storing gaming stuff? Like when you installed a game it required a location on drive to save the file so, yea.
SSD portable hard disk, SATA External HDD or whatever..Im actually clueless.



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I suggest you to get an external ssd might buying for it a case for easy plug through usb because so if in the future you want to replace your internal hdd with an ssd you have it yet.


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Depends on what you want tbh, an i3 10th gen with intel UHD means you can try your hand at games like Valorant and CSgo as well as play some games decently from around 2010-2015 era, as far as i remember these didn't need any extensive, huge loading speeds nor a huge bulk of memory (i mean, current AAA titles such as AC Odyssey take around 115GB but witcher 3, for example, is around 32, pretty small if you ask me), and you can play GTA V and fortnite as well, i guess.

TL; DR: yeah, ssd will be faster at loading, but if i was you, I'd look to have atleast 500GB of storage were i you. If you can't get that in SSD, an HDD should do just fine