❓ Help Request Why am I not able to choose to download a previous version of an app?

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My name is Ellie, this is my first time posting anything here, I'm new to the site so this might be a dumb question. I did try searching for an answer and couldn't find one so most people probably just knew the answer but I was wondering why I'm prevented from choosing to download the previous version of a mod? It's a free mod (not sure if that matters) and in the comments for the current version, it says that you can't get the things you would normally need coins for, for free in that version but in the previous version you are able to get the things you normally need coins for without the coins. I would rather use points for the previous version and be able to get the coin items free than get the current version for free. But on the page for the previous version, instead of having the link to download it, it only has a link to take you to the current version and gives me no way to download the previous one instead. Or maybe I'm missing something and I'm just not seeing the link? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!