📖 Tutorial How to Setup Lucky Patcher (First Time)


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@Gourov We all started from Lucky Patcher and Game Guardian and rose up to il2cpps,native libraries,smali,lua etc. The whole Modding world is so fascinating isn't it ?


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Make sure you followed all steps correctly . And if you do and still nothing then I am sorry :(
I see... I did all the steps i'm sure of it. It might be a problem related to the prepatched app (for some reason there's a maintenance bug on the apps i use that have the same developper). Anyways thanks for your reply tho :(


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Thanks brother, finnaly found the complete tutor with pic and am start to believe on right forum with nice community


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buenisimo post estoy comenzando en este mundo de Lucky Patcher me ha servido de mucho ya que es bastante dificil gracias

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