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Hi guys. Lately I've been addicted with reading manga. It's not like I don't like manga before, it's just I rarely have the time to read at all 😫 Recently I noticed that there were too many isekai (other world) manga, where the plot is usually the MC being in an accident that kills them and then got reincarnated to another world OR they got summoned to another world and all that kind of jazz. Although there were a lot of isekai-genred & reincarnated type of manga, I absolutely love it 😜 I'm just kind of sick of shoujo manga where the girls cries at every little things and it's usually about boys. I love a female MC who is independent and can stand up for herself when she is accused by rumors or something like that, and for male MC, I love it when they are smart, quick-witted and strong. With manga that started of with the male MC point of view, harem is a big no no for me. It's not my cup of tea, because you know why? It always ends up with the male MC harrassing the girls and A WHOLE LOT OF FANSERVICE, god pls. Not everyone is going to read manga just to fap, especially those pornhwas that is spreading alot since 2018 🙄 Okay, I'm slipping away from my topic 😂
So here is my personal favorite and also some recommendations that you absolutely MUST read because it's just that awesome and worth it, definity go check it out and you will LOVE it:-

1. Reminiscence Adonis
2. Scholar's Reincarnation
3. Solo Leveling
4. Volcanic Age
5. Fiancée's Observation Log of the Self-proclaimed Villainess
6. Doctor Elise (Queen of Scalpel)
7. The Reincarnated Prince Wants to Slack off
8. The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke's Mansion
9. Who Made Me a Princess
10. They Say I Was Born a King's Daughter
11. A Returner's Magic Should Be Special
12. The Saint's Magic Ability is Omnipotent
13. Light and Shadow
14. Kenja no Mago
15. The Beginning After The End
16. The Pharmacist's Monologue

I know there were a lot of recommendations 😂 I just have the time to spare, okay. Don't judge me 🤣 I hope you guys enjoy my recommendations. If you have the time to spare, why not give it a shot if you never read a manga before 😉

And yeah, also send me your recommendations if you have any. And please, no harem or reverse harem, thank you. 😘❤
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I recommend you should watch anime
But it's up to you anyway
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