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Alternate Title(s): Taishou x Alice, 大正×対称アリス, 対アリ, TaiAli, Taisho X Alice Episode 4
Developer(s): Primula
Release Date: 2021-06-24
Language(s): English, Japanese, Chinese
Voiced: Fully voiced
OS: Windows
Size: 2.80 GB
Credits to DARKSiDERS (supplier)


ONCE UPON A TIME, you find yourself lost within a world of utter darkness.
Your memories are gone; even your name is a mystery.
But just when the bitter loneliness threatens to break your spirit, you meet a blond-haired, blue-eyed young man who promptly christens you "Arisu." The more questions you ask him, however, the more apparent it becomes that he has NO intention of helping you!

"You want to know who I am? Then let's see you try and CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!"

And so a desperate chase down the rabbit hole unfolds!

DUALICE(TAISHO x ALICE epilogue) is a fairytale visual novel in which YOU must save your Prince Charming!
The game is fully voiced in Japanese (excluding the main character).

As you progress through the story, you will be asked to make choices at key points that will lead you to different endings. You will take on the role of the fairytale heroine in order to rehabilitate your chosen love interest and guide him to his "happily ever after"!

*The Epilogue features one love interest: Alice.

[Content Warning]
Please be advised that this game deals with mature themes including mental illness, violence, depictions of blood, and mild sexual language.


Installation Instructions:
1. Extract (e.g. using WinRAR)
2. No installation required, simply just play using "ADVStarter.exe"!

Download Link(s):
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Downloaded 2 times

Episode 1: Cinderella & Red Riding Hood
Episode 2: Kaguya & Gretel
Episode 3: Snow White & the Wizard
Epilogue: Alice

Please buy the game if you enjoyed it to support the developers or future English localizations! 😊
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