1. ❓ Help Request Manga Maker Comipo

    Do you guys have a full version of this software? I really want to create mangas with this but the pricing is too expensive.
  2. artworks from these months 🕊️ (updated)

    hello! i am trying to get used to the fact that i can actually post my art whenever and wherever i want still (since i tend to be super insecure with it) and i hope you all don't mind me dumping some of my things here 💖💫 i'd love to see what others think of what i do, so feel free to tell me...
  3. Threesome art piece!

    MC trio!!! The game I played with these guys had multiple endings so I made three characters while chasing the three good endings uwu
  4. Some of my drawings these past few weeks!

    I like to draw when I finish my homework or projects, and I kinda wanna share them with you guys! I'm only a beginner so some tips would be nice~ :> This was supposed to be BILLIE EILISH but it doesn't look like her at all... Hah, first time trying realism after all. Reference found in...
  5. What's your favourite song/songs

    Hi everyone I decided to do this today to get to know more of this community I just want to know what's your favourite song/songs When you right in the reply box say the name of the song artist as well I hope everyone is having a good day today If your not try turn them negative things into...
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