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  1. Art Journey

    Hello! welcome to my thread! I make this Thread to document my art journey!!! you are welcome to see and commenting this thread! With that out of the way, I will upload if i do draw something, that's mean I wont be uploading everyday. ( this first drawing is my past drawing, a drawing for...
  2. ❓ Help Request Need a new profile picture (upto 30000SB Points Reward)

    Hello All, I need a Profile Picture on the Character 'Lucifer Morningstar'. Not the one from T.V. Show but from the Original Comic Series (2000-2006). I am willing to spend upto 30000SB Points and any response would be Greatly Appreciated. Thankyou
  3. doodles on ibispaint

    hello!! here are some doodles i made on ibis paint, tho some are commissions lol [i hope i posted this is the right place pls]
  4. 📊 Rate My Graphic Rate my art graphic

    Hello everyone, Im new here so I hope I posted this well according to rules 😅 I love playing game Kim Kardashian Hollywood so I created mix between my character and this model Emily Ratajkowski. Hope you like it 😄♥ Reference photo:
  5. T

    Tim Burton Enthusiasts

    I am absolutely in love with "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and other films/creations from Tim Burton and thought this would be a fantastic club to create. I have even drawn a few of his creations on my Instagram account @Intergalactic_Art . I'm new here but wanted to jump right into the club...
  6. I can draw it

    With quarantine i'm really bored so I downloaded an app to draw, describe a face, character or your oc and if I find it interesting I can draw it. (Si lo puedes hacer en español sería mucho más fácil) I consider female characters easier to draw. (My last sketch)
  7. 📊 Rate My Graphic Felt inspired, so I made a Sbenny themed signature!

    Hi, guys! So, as the title says, I felt inspired today and ended up making a Sbenny themed signature. Let me know what you think with a rating! I'm open to constructive criticism, too, as I'm always looking to better my work. And, if you want to use it, please feel free!
  8. My first picture edit!!

    Ok so I just did my first picture edit!!😁❤️
  9. Art I did today and yesterday~

    Hello! It's been last year since I posted my drawings here, I was busy with school so I didn't really had time to work on anything~ But since tomorrow is the end of Christmas break (which means I'll be busy again), I decided to draw something! Here are 2 drawings, hopefully, you like it...
  10. 7 Minute Space art

    I enjoy making things fast but always take my time when i am serious. I hope you enjoy the "Quick Space" art I made last night.
  11. Art Dump

    Some of the things that I've drawn and made.
  12. Hello + Art celebration ♥

    Hello guys! How are you? I'm here to share some of my art with you ^_^ I also want to invite you to my twitter celebration, where I'm drawing a bust for my followers to thank for the support ♥ (and new followers are very welcome ^_^) If you guys have interest to follow me, I'm more active...
  13. Threesome art piece!

    MC trio!!! The game I played with these guys had multiple endings so I made three characters while chasing the three good endings uwu
  14. Some Art I Made!!!

    These are some characters from a text-based choose your own adventure game that I played (Choice of Romance if you're curious) Elena was the MC however and thus mine uwu The reason why the three others are really tall was because that's how it read to me. They're all really dominant, imposing...
  15. N's arts

    hello there! i figured it wouldn't hurt to share some of my artwork with all the good people of this forum. i do mostly character design and portraits. i hope you like those! ✨
  16. Some of my art :)

    Here is some of the stuff I do. Card Game Sprite: It was for an animal-cycle based board game we created in the 3th semester. My comic: This is a page from the comic I create in my free-time Character Concepts: The upper one is a headshot for a visual novel. Emilia Strauss is a main character...
  17. Some of my art

    Hi there, I don't post often, am kinda shy, but thought I'd share some of my doodles. I do mostly Dungeons and Dragons/ Table Top Roleplaying Game Original Content and Characters, also some just various Original Characters, and a few Fanart. I do sometimes also Paint, and do water colours. 🙂...
  18. Toon Boom Harmony Animation Software

    Hello! I really want to get into animating, but I'm struggling to start up because it's hard to find good, quality animation software. I bought a nice drawing tablet, but the animation software I got just is what I thought it was. I heard Toon Boom Harmony is good for professionals and beginners...