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  1. I can draw it

    With quarantine i'm really bored so I downloaded an app to draw, describe a face, character or your oc and if I find it interesting I can draw it. (Si lo puedes hacer en español sería mucho más fácil) I consider female characters easier to draw. (My last sketch)
  2. I'm drawing the character from my novel! OwO

    This is the fox, her name is Lam :blushdroid: First she was a human, but then died after the "zombie time" 3 days, the fox she saved 10 years ago suddenly come up and help her back to live and mysteriously disappear again. And this is the zombie, Her name is Linh :stareyedroid: I still...
  3. 7 Minute Space art

    I enjoy making things fast but always take my time when i am serious. I hope you enjoy the "Quick Space" art I made last night.
  4. Portion of past art

    I'm rather new to making digital art, however I have had a lot of traditional art training. What I've done so far has been self taught, but I'm now going to school to learn more.
  5. Toon Boom Harmony Animation Software

    Hello! I really want to get into animating, but I'm struggling to start up because it's hard to find good, quality animation software. I bought a nice drawing tablet, but the animation software I got just is what I thought it was. I heard Toon Boom Harmony is good for professionals and beginners...