1. More personalization colors for Sbenny?

    Now I know there is a dark theme and I love it. And I understand green is the colour for Sbenny but wouldn't it be cool to change the highlight colours to something you wanted to? I know this isn't something that everyone will like but just my 2 cents.
  2. ✅ Solved How much data does the Sbenny site use?

    As the title said, how much data does Sbenny use in a regular phone? I'm a bit curious, because I'm using limited data and I was just curious all of a sudden lol. Of course I'm excluding mod downloads of any kind, I'm saying loading pages and stuff. I'm just curious!
  3. Another Coffee in a nutshell...

    I think I made this video really fast and it looks like I planned this for a series of nutshells for Sbenny XD For you @Another Coffee :giggle::love::giggle:
  4. Puns the Saga pt.1

    S Benny a long time since I've been on here. Hehe, get it. I'll leave now
  5. Sbenny's laboratory

    I think I found one of the videos where @Sbenny doing his crazy inventions. :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  6. Should I post non edited videos or edited videos?

    Hey! My name is Obber, I am going to ask you guys a question. Should I put effort of creating videos or not? I know this is a weird question, but my goal is to make videos for Sbenny. Thank you :giggle::giggle: these are some my videos:
  7. The battle between Ccrash & News bot

    Now this is the battle against two rivals, hope you enjoy. (How are the- shut up for now..) The people in the video: -News bot @Ccrash
  8. News bot Revenge!

    Last time... News Bot got arrested by the FBI. Now or somehow we all went back in time in the middle ages, the cause of this? News Bot. He is trying to get his revenge to those who wrong him.. And the question is.. who is the final boss who will News Bot fighting? The people in the video...
  9. Sbenny Gif

    agent Sbenny 😆
  10. My first picture edit!!

    Ok so I just did my first picture edit!!😁❤️
  11. adding donations to signature

    good mornin everyone i got a simple question how i can add SB Points donation to my signature?
  12. sbenny forum APK

    Hey everyone im new on this forum and i wonder is there any apk of this forum that i can use. Im not fond of using browser Thx in advance. Also any advices you guys can do for me will be splendid as i said im newbie lol.
  13. *VIP*??? =(

    Such a shame that people had to ruin the vip membership process. I was purchasing vip every month for certain game updates. Now that's shot in the a**! Can you please lower the amount of SB Points to purchase vip games? The prices are way too high and don't compare with the old vip membership...
  14. My thoughts on

    Hey GUYS! After using SBenny for quite a while, How are your views towards this GOD hand
  15. Password Protection.

    So I downloaded a app the other day and it required me to use a password on sbupload which I thought was a brilliant idea seen as I anybody unsavoury could just repost elsewhere .... But I then realised they could also copy and paste the password ? So I hope I'm not suggesting something which...
  16. YouTube views

    Not entirely sure this would help but I'm sure somebody will let me know if not. Would it be possible to pin the latest YouTube content posted and if the community could then all watch each video to increase views and therefore I believe that would help YouTube's algorithm to promote our videos...
  17. Need a MOD APK for PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor

    What's the name of the game you're asking help for? PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor Is this game playable online only? Yes and No: Internet is not required to play it but it's required for some events I need the mod for. Is this a paid game? No Google Play link...

    I decide to write this post to ask why @Sbenny team is being so disrespectful with lovestruck fans. Ok if the mod will no longer be available. We are going to feel sad but we do understand that everything in life has a begining and an end. But the team has being ignoring every post asking news...

    Just wanted to let community know I made an alliance on JWA. Everyone is welcome to come and join in the fun and trade DNA and have a great time. If you message me here I can also accept you quicker if I am not in the game at the moment. Just click the link below. Thank you, and...
  20. Bank and SB Cash System

    First of all, hello to everybody! :p In a recent post, I've mention some changes about the banking system which will ultimately affect the economy of the forum. As I mentioned, it is probably due to the current 100,000 SB Points contest which is affecting the value itself. So to keep the SB...
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