1. Films

    Any good films for netflix or amazon
  2. The game i modded its affect the gameplay

    the game name johnny trigger (if you want to test the game I can put download link). after modding just try to test the game its run but when I shoot several enemies or explosion tanks the bullet pass by that doesn't have any effects like the explosion tank doesn't blast when we shoot the tank...
  3. Don't know how to find hex value from new updated website

    Hello guys, i need tips about arm converter because the website has an update and I don't know how to get hex value from the website. Anyone have a solution to this problem i need it
  4. Hacking Solarmax 3 (Android)

    I'm new to the Android hacking scene. I used to play around with Cheat Engine and decompiling flash games. My current challenge is hacking Solarmax 3 on Android. What I'm looking to get is unlimited credits (gold, money, whatever you want to call it). My current process has been a lot of...
  5. ✅ Solved What types of games can I review?

    I want to make game reviews but I'm not sure if it's only for smartphone games and modded games. Can I make game reviews on games on diferent platforms like: PC, Playstation, Xbox etc?
  6. Split APK Installer Help - how to use?

    It's as the title says, I have downloaded and installed the split APK installer, however I can't seem to use it to find the file I have just downloaded. It's almost as if it's treating my computer like a phone? It mentions DCIM and Android and the only file directory it gives is...
  7. ✅ Solved Lucky Patcher question

    Sooo Im pretty familiar with LP and Sbenny’s version. i do know some people have success with using it without a rooted device. How true is this? i want to mod but I won’t And can’t root my Note9.. I’m really only interested in modding in app purchases. in the one LP I downloaded which was...
  8. Got Ideas/Tips/Concepts for Books? Come Share Them! All help welcome!

    Hello everyone! My name is M.J. and I write stories/books! I'm here today to ask if you guys have any ideas for stories whether it be a character, plot, scene, genre, concept, or even just general advice, give me anything I'm desperate... Just kidding (or am I)! I just want to know what the...
  9. ✅ Solved Problem downloading content

    I'm new here and just got enough SB cash to unlock the eBooks I wanted, but when I click on the download link, it just redirects to another page of this site and I don't get the book. Am I doing something wrong? People seem to have been able to download them just fine judging by the comments in...
  10. ✅ Solved Elder Scrolls Blades

    yo everyone i want to play blades on my device (Samsung Note 4) is there any possible way to play it ? @ImanHackeR ill tag you cuz ur name is hacker lol
  11. adding donations to signature

    good mornin everyone i got a simple question how i can add sb cash donation to my signature?
  12. Oofie oof oof

    Idk, just decided to post, I just need to feel loved cause no one loves. T_T please love me. In all seriousness I'm really depressed rn, and my insecurity is running high, so yeah life is currently a crushing weight. 1576820714 Idk why I put this on jokes, it's not a joke
  13. Friends are Forever?

    So my friend and I have always been close, but after I got home schooled me and them haven't been able to talk for almost a year now. I just don't know if we're still friends? I have other friends that still go to that school and I've tried to get them to help me get back in contact with her...
  14. any Anime lover? Suggest me anime

    I love DB, Naruto, DrStone Tokyo Ghoul and a lot more but if u have suggestions plz send it to me
  15. Oof

    Just an oof kinda day, how's yous guys day? Idk what else to post cause I'm not that funny and I don't know how to be cool, so that my oof!!
  16. I'm too old to be here lol

    Title of your introduction thread: I'm too old to be here lolHow did you find us? Someone suggested on reddit Which types of games do you usually play? Does Nintendo count Something about me: I'm 34 and completely ignorant to most interweb things haha I just came here to figure out how to...
  17. What do you think?

    I'm having a crisis, I still have feeling for my ex and may be developing feelings for someone new. Also me and my ex are still really good friends and it was a mutual break up because we both thought er were better as friends and I still kinda do think that, but they also still have the feels...
  18. Did my review got rejected?

    Hey guys, It's the first time I post here so I hope it is in the right place. Yesterday I posted a review for a mod app (not a game) and I thought today would be approved and post but I didn't get any notification, being rejected or posted. It's difficult to know if It was approved. I've...
  19. Need help with purchasing SB Cash:(

    Hi, Im new here and I want to purchase some mods here in this site. The problem is my paypal wont work on purchasing SB cash on this site. Ive tried all my debit cards but nothing goes through. I know my debit cards work cause i use it everyday in fact it works on other online stores. Is there...
  20. How do you upload an epub?? T^T

    Hello... I've been a member for a couple of months now.. but this is my first time trying to upload an epub. I really don't know how to do it?!?! I'm having trouble typing the 'link' to my epub since I don't know how to do it. The book i want to upload is also a trilogy, so can I upload the...
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