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  1. Help me to LOG-OUT from a game.

    Hi, Guys! I have installed this game: House of fun (made by Playtika). I disabled my account 1 year ago... And i deleted the game. Now, i reinstalled it but it keeps telling me: "Your account is disabled". I can't logout from the old account. What i've tried: -Settings -> apps -> House of...
  2. ✅ Solved a problem

    i was just playing bitlife on my old emulator and now i changed it to bluestacks. but it gives error like in the picture. i don't know how to solve it, can you help me a little bit? Can you reset all linked devices?
  3. Game Link Not Showing

    Hi I'm Shy. Can someone please help. What do I do when the game link doesn't show up or even the little lock thing so you can unlock it. There's a game I keep trying to play, the hogwarts mystery one the mod version, but when I click on the game and get to the forum for it the link or lock...
  4. Can't seem to get the download link

    I already have the amount of points needed for the game but I can't seem to see the download link for them- I'm pretty new to this website but if anyone could help me out it would be a great help!!
  5. ✅ Solved How do I change my Username?

    I want to change my username to AzureLights. They say there is a shop but I can't seem to find it. Help would be appreciated!
  6. How do you mod .apks file?

    First, if this question has been asked before then I apologize as I've been searched through the forums and couldn't find any. I've been stuck on how to mod .apks file for a while now as it is very different from modding a single .apk file. The .apks files that I want to mod are CoG or HG game...
  7. need to find the mod menu

    Hello everyone, how can you find the mod menu? Il2cpp type. You need to take offsets from there and update the mod
  8. 📖 Tutorial Alternative Way to Make a Lucky Patcher Hacked Game Work

    Recently, there have been many complains about LP mods that aren't working 🤷🏾‍♀️. If the proxy server and google bill emulation switches are on and the mod still doesn't work, here are steps you can follow that will get it to work for you👇🏾. P.S: Don't uninstall the LP Mod you downloaded as...
  9. I need Help for Audiobook Request!

    When I tried to request audiobook this will pop-up
  10. ✅ Solved Help, how do I delete my account?

    I just want my account to seace existing and my resigner gone, I replied to the conversation with the founder and started a chat with them but they must be busy or something. Waited a few days but I'm still here. I want this account gone, just that, there is no option to do it myself, or is it...
  11. How to get Game Center working again after jailbreak

    One of my favorite games won’t open all the way after jailbreaking because Game Center is no longer working and doesn’t pop up to let me sign in. Unc0ver latest version, ios 14 and iPhone 8. I followed a old YouTube tutorial but it’s asking me to reboot my device when I finish deleting the...
  12. How to mod apps ?

    Hey everyone newbie here, can someone explain me how apps are modified(like bypassing premium features for free)? and how can I learn it ? Thank you..
  13. ✅ Solved Any working cracked vpn out there?

    I really need a vpn with crack for windows right now. Some website that i use for getting kdrama, variety shows, games, and even sites like reddit got blocked in my country. I could use google extension vpn but downloading is not possible, since the vpn range is only within the browser but not...
  14. ✅ Solved Help me crack it Unity game ...

    Hello dear !!! Please help me hack the game on Unity ... The link to Yandex disk contains an archive with a Decompiler Il2CppDumper + + global-metadata.dat one game ... After decompilation, a lot of DLL files appear, and what to do with them and which one should be used for hacking...
  15. Help with Cooldown code

    Hi All, Hope you're good. i am brand new to modding, but after watching a lot of videos and reading guides I managed to get through all the steps to dump, dnspy, ida, hxd and apk easy tool. but after trying a lot of code in different locations i can get none of them to work. hoping for some...
  16. How should I release DATA for an APK that crashes on Startup if not downloaded from Google Play?

    Q1: Is there a way to patch it? Q2: What should I try on the APK? Q3: Should I just release the DATA/Make a Shortened URL that auto downloads the app from google play? App I've Modded (Google Play Link): Gin Rummy - Offline Free Card Games - Apps on Google Play Mods I have added to the data...
  17. I Don't Know What is Left where i am wrong

    Hi all I want to ask you all can you help me a little bit in cracking up a game the game is : The Walking Dead New Frontier I know it's already availble on the sbenny site and even lucky patcher can help me to achieve free In-App Purchases but I don't want to use it because i want to do it...
  18. ✅ Solved Need help with download links

    Hello! I have a problem with the download links of both terra monsters and terra monsters 2. It sems that whenever I press the link to download, it redirects me to the sbenny url shortener? I dont know the problem since the previos posts indicate that they must've succesfully downloaded theirs.