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  1. Modded games on the xbox?

    Hi, I received an xbox as a gift lately I've never had one so its a first for me. Do you know if I can install and play modded games on it? And how do I do it if it's possibile? Please helpppp
  2. How to: Buy Items in the SB Cash Shop.

    A "How-to:" buy items in the SB Points Shop guide by Mark A. Good day, To start, go to the Shop by clicking at your SB Points located on the upper right-hand part of the screen, then click "SB Points Shop". Or click on this link if you can't find it: Shop You can send some items to a friend...
  3. Who am I?

    Title of your introduction thread: Who am I?How did you find us? Well I type a hacking app then I was this on website with your name on it Which types of games do you usually play? Any games Something about me: Well I wanted to grow YouTube since I was in 6th grade and try to find a way to...
  4. How to remove pre-installed apps on Huawei phones [No Root]

    Do you want to remove the pre-installed apps on Huawei phones? Then you're in the right place. We have prepared a step-by-step guide that will allow you to uninstall / remove bloatware and Android applications pre-installed on Huawei and Honor devices without having to obtain root permissions...
  5. Impossible to find the way to add a toast on "Forces of Freedom" apk

    Hello guys, I need an expert hand. I read (more than 5 times) the "how to" about adding a toast to an apk but... I can't find the way to do it on "Forces of Freedom" apk. CXan somebody help me? Thanks in advance
  6. Paid APK: how to download?

    Hello guys I am a relatively new member so please bear with me :) I would be SO GRATEFUL if someone could help me. So I am not really familiar with all that technical stuff (or I am just dumb) but it's now the 4th time (I guess) that my paid APK downloads don't work. I tried it with two if The...