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  1. I need help

    I am new to modding and I am clueless on how to make in-app purchases free could anyone walk me through the process
  2. 📲 Tutorial How to mod coc and hosted games

    Once that is done, patch it with inApp purchase After that, just choose "Reinstall" and you're good to go P.s sorry I could only add 20 pictures Root is NOT required
  3. Does anyone know how to hack Lighting Link App?

    I want to know if anyone can hack/mod server based game Lightning Link i want to have unlimited coins, i used to be able to do it soo easily but now i cant seem to figure it out can anyone help me?
  4. Any good modded RPG/fantasy games?

    I'm looking for RPG games that are modded to have infinite money or stat points. I'd appreciate if you were to share your wisdom upon this fool.
  5. ✅ Solved Requirements of Mod tester

    Hi community I was going through forms and wondered what are the requirements of become tester mods for sbenny. I work as tester on utest ive done different projects on different game apps e.g king group devs. So if i find something here aswell ill be grateful
  6. How to Mod Games which require Google Play?

    Im on Huawei and totally cant downgrade and use Googlefier on my P40. And even the ApkEditor Patch Collection wont help. Maybe someone know an proper Patch for ApkEditor which make the Game unable to detect Google play?
  7. [Apkeditor's] Ultimate Patch-Collection

    Updated Patches for ApkEditor! (Some from me) ッ
  8. Choice Of Games - Free In-App Purchases

    Okay, so this is for those who have tried my mod from here. LP mod apk Choice Of Games Buy Books For Free But couldn't get it to work because some phones don't like pre-patched apks. This is why I am making this simple step by step to do this for yourself. And your phone doesn't have to be...
  9. Some my thoughts about games, and pull asking which influence from MOD is comfortable for you.

    Earlier I thought about "creative mode", and it raised new question. As example, I hacked "Clicker Heroes", and turns out it should never be hacked, not because it's bad, but because it's a number game. Yeah, I still haven't bought endgame heroes, because I had no clue these would cost some...
  10. Do you believe "creative gamemode" will highly reduce need on modded android games?

    I say android, because computer games modded not only for hacks, but also for additional gameplay, like thousands mods for minecraft. As you see, minecraft is a big reference there, and it's not a coincidence. Now, let's look on all games, which have currency and/or inventory. What mods usually...
  11. How to mod apps ?

    Hey everyone newbie here, can someone explain me how apps are modified(like bypassing premium features for free)? and how can I learn it ? Thank you..
  12. ✅ Solved Need a MOD APK for The Sign - Interactive Ghost Horror

    What's the name of the game you're asking help for? The Sign - Interactive Ghost Horror Type of Request: Free Request How many SB Points would you spend for it? 150 Is this game playable online only? No: this game can be played in offline mode. Is this a paid game? No Google Play...
  13. Data/OBB files not accessible! Android 11!

    Greetings, A few minutes ago, i was shocked to see the data and obb folders were empty. I thought i was crazy, i dont have sd card and the whole android folder sizes 0B!. I think this problem is only faced by android 11 users as i checked with samsung community, someone already started a topic...
  14. What are some low size and easy to mod IL2CPP games?

    What are some low size and easy to mod IL2CPP games? (Please provide as much as you can).
  15. Challange Your Modding Skill (Game)

    @Sbenny , @Azura Shadow , @Legacy , @Yas Kashije , @symos , @DDEVELOPER , @ImanHackeR , @KSCT , @BlackEden , @KasamiGi So out of curiosity I made a very simple game . If anyone interested to try their modding skill feel free to hack it . 🔒 Hidden content
  16. The Sims 2 T&A Stuff

    The Sims 2 T&A Stuff Description: How to describe this... one of the best things ever, but now hard to find? It adds all kinds of interesting things. New secret worlds, religion & afterlife, functional hospitals, functional schools, new objects, new clothing, ability to visit other sims, live...
  17. ✅ Solved I Don't Know What is Left where i am wrong

    Hi all I want to ask you all can you help me a little bit in cracking up a game the game is : The Walking Dead New Frontier I know it's already availble on the sbenny site and even lucky patcher can help me to achieve free In-App Purchases but I don't want to use it because i want to do it...
  18. 📖 Tutorial Hooking Tutorial For Beginners

    I know a great hooking tutorial already exists here, but this tutorial is more in-depth and in my opinion is more helpful for beginners. Disclaimer: I found this tutorial somewhere else and I decided to share it here because it is really helpful! I DID NOT WRITE THIS TUTORIAL, THIS TUTORIAL WAS...
  19. Hacking Solarmax 3 (Android)

    I'm new to the Android hacking scene. I used to play around with Cheat Engine and decompiling flash games. My current challenge is hacking Solarmax 3 on Android. What I'm looking to get is unlimited credits (gold, money, whatever you want to call it). My current process has been a lot of...

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