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  1. 📖 Tutorial **HOW TO FIX IL2CPP DUMPER ERROR**

    I noticed some people are still going through this problem: -- Fixes -- 1. il2cppdumper files, metadata, and .so file are all in same folder 2. Use il2cppdumper latest version Latest version here 3. Correct unity version How to get unity version 4. Try different mode 5. Game has...
  2. How to change your nickname in PlayStation Network.

    Yes as you see is not a joke! Now you can change your nickname, in the WEB of PlayStation Network or in your PS4! Now probably you will think "How I change my Nickname?" 🤔 Well it's so easy! Keep reading to know how. WEBPAGE TUTORIAL 1. Go to My PlayStation 2. When you logged it, click on...
  3. 📲 Tutorial GameGuardian - Zombie Hive 2.3 - Infinite Gold + GEM

    GameGuardian - Zombie Hive 2.3 - Infinite Gold + GEM Name of the game: Zombie Hive Version: 2.3 Root needed? Yes: root permissions are required in order to install/play. Internet required? Yes: you need an active Internet Connection to play this game. Game Description: Google Play...
  4. Adding splash

    Can anyone help me by telling how to add splash screen in those apps who have .split assets ? Please help me. Your help will be appreciated. :)
  5. .Net Cracking Tutorials with 6 Actual Projects by DarkEnergy + Some RE eBooks

    Hi All, I managed to get some awesome .net cracking tutorials so here is a tutorial guide on step by step solution with images and excamples on cracking the protection of : Target Application: Helium Music Manager Target Application: PC WorkBreak Target Application: Black Bird System Info...
  6. How to create simple mod menu in Unity games

    I have gotten a lot of request for a tutorial how to make mod menu but haven't got time and almost forgot it. I had to pause all my other protects and start working with this tutorial straight away. With Mod menu, it allows the player to choose what hacks to use. Mod menu can be useful in...
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