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  1. 📖 Tutorial How to hack Kairosoft Games using Game Guardian

    Okay, So I have seen a lot of mod requests for Kairosoft games asking for unlimited money and such. So I decided to post this little tutorial for people to mod these games themselves. This works for most Kairosoft games. Don't worry, your phone doesn't have to be rooted for this to work. (Game...
  2. Need help with setting up Game Guardian.

    Well, the title says it all, i need help setting up my game guardian, it says i need a virtual space app on my phone, can somebody help by providing links to a nice one? And what to do next then? [any help is appreciated :)]
  3. Hacking Dragon Quest II With Game Guardian {No Root/Root}

    What's up guys? I'm making this tutorial for people because some have asked for a mod of this game and the only mods are save file restores with someone else's money and it's not unlimited. So I'm gonna show you how to hack{memory edit} this game with Game Guardian and you don't need root...
  4. 📖 Tutorial How to hack games with Game Guardian

    Game Guardian is similar to Cheat Engine but I find Game Guardian to be more stable. Back before I knew of the only way I thought you could hack a value in a game was through programs such as Cheat Engine or Game Guardian. Finding the existence of Lucky Patcher was a blast. Before we...