1. 📖 Tutorial Kindle Fire 5th gen Rooting Tutorial (Ubuntu PC Required)

    Approval team, this post is not yet ready I'll try to contact you when it is, thank you. Hello everyone, and welcome to my tutorial. I'm going to try covering how to root your Fire tablet without using third-party apps on your tablet. But before we begin you should try to back up as much data...
  2. Rooting a Kindle Fire from scratch?

    Hello once again everyone, do you know how to root a Kindle Fire from scratch (i.e. No third party apps)? I am interested in trying to root the device without bricking the device. Thank you for time reading my request, and in advance (if you help me).
  3. Hacking Dragon Quest II With Game Guardian {No Root/Root}

    What's up guys? I'm making this tutorial for people because some have asked for a mod of this game and the only mods are save file restores with someone else's money and it's not unlimited. So I'm gonna show you how to hack{memory edit} this game with Game Guardian and you don't need root...
  4. How to Backup full app with data in your device.

    If you ever used a custom rom then you must have known the struggle of deleted data , apps , contacts , sms and call logs. When you change the mobile rom to any custom rom that would be a trouble if you haven't backup all data and apps. So to backup data the following requirements are necessary...
  5. 📖 Tutorial How to Root Xiaomi Poco F1

    You need the following things to root you awesome poco f1 1) Xiaomi device 2) Internet Connection 3) Computer or Laptop (with a type-c usb ) 4) The Xiaomi account login id and password To root the device first you have to login your mi account or any google account Here Then after login it...
  6. need help rooting my sm-j327t1 plz

    Need help rooting my sm-j327t1 plz Samsung sm-j327t1 no pc I've tried multiple apps none wrk they get to 90% yea then it says failed can't root Tysvm God bless u n all ur lovd ones
  7. PUBG Mobile Lua Script

    ROOT ONLY MUST HAVE A ROOTED PHONE OR TABLET Game Guardian Is Required About This File Attention Don't Use script without your not using new bypass . You will get banned.... New Script PUBG Mobile ( undetection ) Wallhack Just Work In PHONE If you want using wallhack , dont forget for edit...
  8. ✅ Solved Do I need to root?

    Looking forward to getting the war wings mod then I noticed that I need to be rooted. Tried it a couple of times but no luck so if I do need to be rooted could you lead me in the right direction... Phone ZTE Modle z981 Android 6.0.1
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