1. ❓ Help Request Does anyone have this problem with UTorrent like me?

    I've been unable to torrent because the magnet link won't show in the "Add new torrent" pop-up. It's been going on like this for hours. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  2. 📖 Tutorial How to put Files and Apk (maybe more) into NoxPlayer.. Then Files or Apk (inside NoxPlayer) into your computer. (Android 5)

    Hey! My name is @Obber, Today I will be teaching you guys how to put your files inside NoxPlayer (Android 5) then the same way around (into your computer) First Check these videos to start: I'll be using a movie file and a game as an example. Method used: Hold click & drag (UPDATED: 11/04/20)...
  3. ✅ Solved Best DVD Rip Software/Converter and hints how to use please?

    I was looking to ask about ripping DVDs, or episodes from disc to then save and/or convert them to other video files. and couldn't find much info and wondered if anyone had any ideas, software suggestions and cracks or guides on how to create and use this kind of software please, Thank you for...
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