1. Lumines Puzzle & Music v2.10 400 MB data help

    I recently unlocked Lumines Puzzle & Music with iAP mod for 200 SB, I managed to download the APKs, but when I tried to download the zip file which has 400 MD data required, it takes me to the sbenny forum site instead. Is the link broken? Anyone has the 400 MB data required to play that game...
  2. Is it possible to make a Cheat Engine PC Table into a working Mod Menu inbuilt into an APK file?

    It says it all in the title. (Context: Circle clickable popup you can use to modify values/Lock them on android)
  3. 📖 Tutorial Automated Simple Toast Menu

    I'm happy to share a patch I made for apps, such has, APKEditor, APKEditor Pro+(CTB Mod), and many other modding apps. Description: This app will put a custom toast message in your app, so you don't have to yourself. All you need to do is modify the txt, then patch whatever app you want your...
  4. Hiketop+ modding and javascript integration

    I've tried to modding hiketop+ app and i've seen the app use javascript to exchange with the server. Do you know how i can emulate app javascript command on a javascript console (with NodeJS for example) ? (I see they user-agent verification, cookie ...) The App .apk (Hiketop+) : get.hiketop.com/
  5. I need a mid

    A mod apk
  6. 📖 Tutorial How to put Files and Apk (maybe more) into NoxPlayer.. Then Files or Apk (inside NoxPlayer) into your computer. (Android 5)

    Hey! My name is @Obber, Today I will be teaching you guys how to put your files inside NoxPlayer (Android 5) then the same way around (into your computer) First Check these videos to start: I'll be using a movie file and a game as an example. Method used: Hold click & drag (UPDATED: 11/04/20)...
  7. 📲 Tutorial Magium unlimited Stat points hacking for non-root devices

    I have previously posted a tutorial for the same though due to changing in the Virtualxposed. That stopped working. So I came across a work around which can be use to edit the save file for magium changing its stats points. It also fixed the issue when the Stat points reset itself later in the...
  8. ❓ Help Request Need a MOD APK for RPG Character Generator Premium

    What's the name of the app you're asking help for? RPG Character Generator Premium Is this app playable online only? No: this app can be played in offline mode. Is this a paid app? Yes Google Play link...
  9. Termux 0.84 + 0.82 + 0.77

    Termux Linux Emulator For Android With Packages --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Secure. Access remote servers using the ssh client from OpenSSH. Termux combines standard packages with accurate terminal emulation in a beautiful open source...
  10. sbenny forum APK

    Hey everyone im new on this forum and i wonder is there any apk of this forum that i can use. Im not fond of using browser Thx in advance. Also any advices you guys can do for me will be splendid as i said im newbie lol.
  11. APK Easy Signer v1.0

    APK Easy Signer v1.0 Description: Sign your Android applications APK files effortlessly with the APK Easy Tool! Installation Instructions: Important: The program requires Java SE Development Kit 8 [JDK] installed to run properly. 1. Rename the package to sign to "src" [INPUT], example...
  12. 🎮 MOD APK APK Checker v1.4.6.nightly (Mod)

    APK Checker v1.4.6.nightly (Mod) APK Checker 1.4.6.nightly Credits to: SteweEliteModder Download Link-=Stripped Content=- APK Checker is a small and invisible in the launchers, but very convenient and useful program that shows all the necessary information about the...
  13. ✅ Solved Need a MOD APK for My Crazy High School Romcom! Anime Girlfriend Game

    What's the name of the game you're asking help for? My Crazy High School Romcom! Anime Girlfriend Game Is this game playable online only? Yes: this game can be played in online mode only. Is this a paid game? No Google Play link...
  14. Sbenny App 3.0

    -unofficial version, discontinued- Link to the OFFICIAL version of the sbenny app: The new and only OFFICIAL Sbenny.com's App
  15. How updating hacked apps works exactly

    Alright so I want to preface this by saying that I'm pretty new to this and I'm ignorant to (what is probably) the most basic knowledge. So this might be a bit of a dumb question and I apologize if I missed this in an FAQ thread somewhere on here. Anyway what I wanted to ask was, if I were to...
  16. Do i have to re download the entire game everytime it updates?

    Hi I'm a noob with this sort of stuff and I was wondering if I redownload a game that's a more updated version will it just update the already downloaded apk on my android device or will it create an entirely new app that's the same but the updated version? I'm asking cause I don't want to loose...
  17. 💲 Paid APK Rich VIP Paid App

    Rich VIP Paid App Name of the app: RICH VIP Version: 1.0.0 Root needed? No. Internet required? No. App Description: Do you really have money? Do you want to know how to impress a lady or your friends? Download this app and show it to them. Others Claim That Following permissions on your PC...
  18. ✅ Solved Need help with The Trail apk

    I downloaded the apk that gave unlimited favours and it worked. But now the game says it needs an update and there is no update so the game got stuck. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  19. What is the best YT downloader

    Hey guys, What YT downloader do you use on your smartphone? I personally use Videoder, but I want some tips from you if you have some. Thank you :dragon:
  20. Official Sbenny Forum App

    This is a simple webview app that was designed to give you quick and convenient access to the Sbenny Forum and it's affiliate sites, with live notifications on new content, site news and contests. Features: - Access The Forum In A Single Tap! - Fast Loading! - Live Notifications!(new content...
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