1. How updating hacked apps works exactly

    Alright so I want to preface this by saying that I'm pretty new to this and I'm ignorant to (what is probably) the most basic knowledge. So this might be a bit of a dumb question and I apologize if I missed this in an FAQ thread somewhere on here. Anyway what I wanted to ask was, if I were to...
  2. Getting started on Forces of freedom Mod Please Help

    i have apk tool old modded version thats outdated newest version fresh from playstore background in java C# and python 3 i want to update the mod possibly make it myself how would i go about editing the apk i have extracted it
  3. Hi Guys , Newbie Here

    Hi Guys, I have just joined, My name is Sean and I am based in Ireland, I came across this site as I had searched for an android mod community, I am really interesting in developing mod's and Very interested In testing Your Mods, I will respect the rules of this forum and never share any...
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