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  1. bought disney magic kingdoms mod when it says its been updated on jan 23 , downloaded it and it says its oudated and needs the current version

    can i please get a refund? i am new to this and I clicked the install mod thing because it says its been updated. can anyone send me the link to the current version? thank you
  2. Can't seem to get the download link

    I already have the amount of points needed for the game but I can't seem to see the download link for them- I'm pretty new to this website but if anyone could help me out it would be a great help!!
  3. ✅ Solved Can I just post apps with just LP mod?

    I've been come to this site just for the mods but I want to know if I can post some modded apps. I know nothing about and have zero experience in modding, but if I have to mod small games I can sometimes use LP. There was a game I looking for but this site doesn't have it, so I had to mod it...
  4. ✅ Solved How to give people SB Points?

    How do you give other people SB Points? Or can you give people SB Points? I just wanted to know how to give people SB points
  5. ✅ Solved Can i overwrite a MOD with an unmodded version?

    Hey guys, i have a pretty simple question. Can i somehow unMOD a game without loosing the game data? For example, if the MOD is version 1.3.7 and the current version is 1.3.9, can I somehow update to the current unmodded Google Play Store version? Or is there any other way to transfer game...
  6. ✅ Solved Default/template thread format for uploading eBooks

    Hello, Kinda new here and to get some starting SB I wanted to upload some eBooks I have that I was unable to find on the forums. I was wondering if the is some kind of template thread format to use when providing an eBook?? I did read Forum Rules (Not in a "CODE" or "HIDE" tag since it's an...
  7. Helloow~

    Helloo to everyone around the world~ (^-^)/ I'm really happy to find such a community as this one...really...Buut I'm so Lost😳 I don't know how things work at all cause I've never been in such a platform...So if anyone could explain abt the SB, The following process, How to post, how to download...
  8. ✅ Solved What types of games can I review?

    I want to make game reviews but I'm not sure if it's only for smartphone games and modded games. Can I make game reviews on games on diferent platforms like: PC, Playstation, Xbox etc?
  9. Should I post non edited videos or edited videos?

    Hey! My name is Obber, I am going to ask you guys a question. Should I put effort of creating videos or not? I know this is a weird question, but my goal is to make videos for Sbenny. Thank you :giggle::giggle: these are some my videos:
  10. What's your talent that you're very proud of?

    im not really good at singing and dancing but some people say i really have a great humor. also i guess im good at filming and editing (if you consider it a talent). what about you?
  11. How to download an Updated Mod?

    As the subject bar says, I can't figure out how to download an updated mod for the life of me, It says go to the last page but I can't seem to find it.Your assistance is most appreciated.
  12. What's your favorite childhood show/movie?

    For me my favorite show was Phineas and Ferb and my favorite childhood movie was Ratatouille. What about yours?
  13. ✅ Solved Lucky Patcher question

    Sooo Im pretty familiar with LP and Sbenny’s version. i do know some people have success with using it without a rooted device. How true is this? i want to mod but I won’t And can’t root my Note9.. I’m really only interested in modding in app purchases. in the one LP I downloaded which was...
  14. Favorite Musician/Band

    One of my favorite Musicians is Jack Stauber, and I know this band is pretty mainstream but I'm a huge fan of Panic! At The Disco. I'm sure there is a bunch of good artists I've never heard of and I'm trying to expand my taste in music so who's your favorite Musician/band?
  15. Gimme your favorite food! Nuw!

    Aloha! I noticed there wasn't a thread about this and finding out about people and culture is nice. And food is even nicer!! So my favorite food is Indian food! I hope there always will be Indian food... I hope my future-self doesn't have to eat freeze-dried food like the astronauts. Here is a...
  16. What Are Your Favorite Choice Based Games?

    So I'm in the market for new ones; I'm getting kinda obsessed with them lol and thought I'd ask what ones (or kinds) you guys enjoy? I've only really played Choices: Stories You Play & Chapters. I tried Episodes but until it's modded for gems it's kinda meh. I dunno if The Arcana is considered...
  17. Your favourite Hosted/Choice game?

    Hello. I'd love to know your favourite Hosted/Choice game, and why.
  18. Need 20 SB cash exact, whats the best and quickest way to do so.

    (meant 17) Need 17 SB Points exact, whats the best and quickest way to do so. 🧐🧐 And yes I have read the (SBenny how to farm SB forum) but I want an outside perspective.