1. Does anyone listen to Breaking Benjamin?

    I was listening to their Aurora album that released almost a month ago. I liked how they did the songs "Red Cold River" and "Torn in Two", performing them without the kinda beast-like scream (I can't find the right word for the way they shout "RUN, RED COLD RIVER" in the song). Especially with...
  2. How did you find out this forum?

    I was so into The Arcana game that i tried to find everything and anything related to it. Therefore, a post on Tumblr led me here ^^ And how about you guys? How did you come here and what do you think of this forum? Please feel free to share your opinions
  3. What Are Your Favorite Choice Based Games?

    So I'm in the market for new ones; I'm getting kinda obsessed with them lol and thought I'd ask what ones (or kinds) you guys enjoy? I've only really played Choices: Stories You Play & Chapters. I tried Episodes but until it's modded for gems it's kinda meh. I dunno if The Arcana is considered...
  4. 📊 Rate My Graphic Changed Sbenny profile pic

    Hi everyone I decided to do this picture for Sbenny and cuz i've always wanted to do this type of stuff so..... Tell me what you think of this all opinions accepted
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