1. Challange Your Modding Skill (Game)

    @Sbenny , @Azura Shadow , @Legacy , @Yas Kashije , @symos , @DDEVELOPER , @ImanHackeR , @KSCT , @BlackEden , @KasamiGi So out of curiosity I made a very simple game . If anyone interested to try their modding skill feel free to hack it . Hidden content
  2. The game i modded its affect the gameplay

    the game name johnny trigger (if you want to test the game I can put download link). after modding just try to test the game its run but when I shoot several enemies or explosion tanks the bullet pass by that doesn't have any effects like the explosion tank doesn't blast when we shoot the tank...
  3. Hacking Solarmax 3 (Android)

    I'm new to the Android hacking scene. I used to play around with Cheat Engine and decompiling flash games. My current challenge is hacking Solarmax 3 on Android. What I'm looking to get is unlimited credits (gold, money, whatever you want to call it). My current process has been a lot of...
  4. Dark Souls is worth a try?

    I'm not that good at video games, so, Dark Souls is really that hard? If I try it, maybe I will stuck in the middle of the game? Or it's not that nightmare like hard?
  5. ✅ Solved What types of games can I review?

    I want to make game reviews but I'm not sure if it's only for smartphone games and modded games. Can I make game reviews on games on diferent platforms like: PC, Playstation, Xbox etc?
  6. I need some suggestions

    Hello, I was asking here a while back about text games, but now I want to ask if you know some dating games I can play. I love romance genre and I often read romance manga so I was thinking I could play some games like that. Thank you
  7. What is your favourite gaming device? And videogame?

    I am definitely voting for PC and my favourite games are Witcher games.
  8. Can you recommend me some text games?

    I am addicted to text based games and I was wondering if anyone can suggest some games I can play. I appriciate the help, thanks.
  9. ✅ Solved Elder Scrolls Blades

    yo everyone i want to play blades on my device (Samsung Note 4) is there any possible way to play it ? @ImanHackeR ill tag you cuz ur name is hacker lol
  10. New Phone Suggestions

    Hey fellas im planning to buy something that is little bit cheap but have good cpu-gpu i got Xiomi Mi9T Pro in my mind but since im using Samsung Note 4 for 3-4 Years and saw the capability of Note series i may buy Samsung Note 8 by adding more money but feel free to make some suggestions since...
  11. Horror Stories Thread!

    Less a game, and more a thread for sharing past (bad) experiences with modding! Started in the chat and moved to the forums to save space :D Here's an example! I tried a different modding site before this one, I paid $20 for VIP, and none of the site mods would reply to my DMs asking for any...
  12. do you know the game “Your Turn To Die”?

    I should think about studying for university and instead I think about playing rpg, lol.
  13. what's the best kairosoft game?

    i'm a big fan of kairosoft corp. and i love all their games, what's your favorite one?
  14. Game

    We start a game which named the cities. I will say any city and you will say city with last word of city that I named. Example: London- New York- Kansas
  15. ❓ Help Request Need a MOD APK for Fugitives Desires - Otome Game

    What's the name of the game you're asking help for? Fugitives Desires - Otome Game Is this game playable online only? Yes: this game can be played in online mode only. Is this a paid game? Yes Google Play link: What...
  16. 2019 Latest Multiplayer Online Game that is Exciting to Play!

    2019 Latest Multiplayer Online Game that is Exciting to Play! Online video games continue to be a calculated force in the industry. Sometimes in the past few years, several games have been released leaving the single player campaign series, starting to switch to online multiplayer. This is done...
  17. New Signatures

    Easy to make . Was very fast finish. I have a Lot more . Here my new Signatures:
  18. 💬 Review journeys interactive stories

    Name of the app you are reviewing: journeys interactive stories interactive story game.. where you decide your own you want your story to be ... Review: new game with so many opportunities to play... it also have linda brown and zoe stories to play in one app... you can find...
  19. Do i have to re download the entire game everytime it updates?

    Hi I'm a noob with this sort of stuff and I was wondering if I redownload a game that's a more updated version will it just update the already downloaded apk on my android device or will it create an entirely new app that's the same but the updated version? I'm asking cause I don't want to loose...
  20. Adding Online Game Section

    Great Team I would love make a Suggestion Of Adding a Game Section like an Online Game Section where Users can Play Games without installing The App. Both Most Time it do need Using Adobe Flash player.
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