1. 📖 Tutorial Hacking Fields/Instance Variables and Hooking Tutorial in IL2CPP Games

    *BEST VIEWED ON DESKTOP* The Unity tool. I hate it. All it does is make people worse at hacking because no one is developing actual analysis skills anymore. Now all you have to do to make an awesome hack is to CTRL-F everything until you have 100 features. If you want to get good at something...
  2. I have successfully dumped an IL2CPP game with missing global-metadata.dat, but I'm not sure why some C# classes are wrong

    Hi! I managed to dump an il2cpp game with missing global-metadata.dat, just using frida (which is awesome) and il2cpp api (available here, or they can be found as libil2cpp.so exports). I already made a mod which is working just fine. But, it seems that I can't retrieve the correct pointer to...
  3. NSFW/18+ APK [Unity] Third Crisis v0.19.0

    Title: [Unity] Third Crisis v0.19.0 Name of the App: Third Crisis Version: v0.19.0 Root needed? No: you can play and install this app without root permissions. Internet required? No: you can play this game even without any Internet Connection. Description: Third Crisis is an adult...
  4. How to create simple mod menu in Unity games

    I have gotten a lot of request for a tutorial how to make mod menu but haven't got time and almost forgot it. I had to pause all my other protects and start working with this tutorial straight away. With Mod menu, it allows the player to choose what hacks to use. Mod menu can be useful in...
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