hack game for android

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  1. shadow fight 2 break savegame

    hi, I had shadow fight 2.15.0 saves on virtualxposed, the game was working normally but yesterday I got an update message and I couldn't update the game on virtualxposed. I copied the userdata folder, deleted the game, installed the latest game on the system via google play, but when I want to...
  2. ✅ Solved Help me crack it Unity game ...

    Hello dear !!! Please help me hack the game on Unity ... The link to Yandex disk contains an archive with a Decompiler Il2CppDumper + libil2cpp.so + global-metadata.dat one game ... After decompilation, a lot of DLL files appear, and what to do with them and which one should be used for hacking...
  3. How can I root my phone. Please help

    Please help. I tried kingroot it goes until 97 present and said 1 issue optimize system improvement engine. Ask to purify and then failed. I have a android 6.o Lenovo A2016a40.
  4. Getting started on Forces of freedom Mod Please Help

    i have apk tool old modded version thats outdated newest version fresh from playstore background in java C# and python 3 i want to update the mod possibly make it myself how would i go about editing the apk i have extracted it
  5. Is Lucky Patcher safe app?

    Hello, Is Lucky Patcher a safe app to use? I don't mean if you must know how to use it etc... I mean if it contains an uncontrollable virus or adds virus to apps without you knowing it? Thank you for answering
  6. Update for attack on moe h

    This game attack on moe h have a new version for android. Please update o cheat again the game (i speak spanish.... El juego attack on moe h ha recivido una nueva version para android. Porfavor actualizen o hackeen de nuevo el juego gracias.)