hack game for android

  1. Help me crack it Unity game ...

    Hello dear !!! Please help me hack the game on Unity ... The link to Yandex disk contains an archive with a Decompiler Il2CppDumper + libil2cpp.so + global-metadata.dat one game ... After decompilation, a lot of DLL files appear, and what to do with them and which one should be used for hacking...
  2. How can I root my phone. Please help

    Please help. I tried kingroot it goes until 97 present and said 1 issue optimize system improvement engine. Ask to purify and then failed. I have a android 6.o Lenovo A2016a40.
  3. Getting started on Forces of freedom Mod Please Help

    i have apk tool old modded version thats outdated newest version fresh from playstore background in java C# and python 3 i want to update the mod possibly make it myself how would i go about editing the apk i have extracted it
  4. Is Lucky Patcher safe app?

    Hello, Is Lucky Patcher a safe app to use? I don't mean if you must know how to use it etc... I mean if it contains an uncontrollable virus or adds virus to apps without you knowing it? Thank you for answering
  5. Update for attack on moe h

    This game attack on moe h have a new version for android. Please update o cheat again the game (i speak spanish.... El juego attack on moe h ha recivido una nueva version para android. Porfavor actualizen o hackeen de nuevo el juego gracias.)
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