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  1. How to mod apps ?

    Hey everyone newbie here, can someone explain me how apps are modified(like bypassing premium features for free)? and how can I learn it ? Thank you..
  2. ✅ Solved Sbenny Website App

    Yooooooo guys!! Helllo!!!....... Okay let's get to the main topic... All i want to suggest is.. Making an app for this website will be reaaaallly coool....😊😊
  3. Name of android app

    What is the name of the Android app where you can, let's say for example, help someone phone to phone fix the drain pipes under a sink and you can draw on the screen and they see what you draw?
  4. Can iOS apps be ported to Android?

    There's an app which I wanted to download for a longtime but it's only available for iOS. Can such apps be ported to Android as well? I've seen computer games ported to Android and was wondering if it also works with iOS.
  5. Best gym app?

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I've recently got into a gym, and although they do give me a plan, I dont feel like it goes with my objectives. I currently have Seven who uses your body weight and sometimes use Zombies, Run, but i'd rather have a app who can help me fully use the gym, one who has...
  6. Is Lucky Patcher safe app?

    Hello, Is Lucky Patcher a safe app to use? I don't mean if you must know how to use it etc... I mean if it contains an uncontrollable virus or adds virus to apps without you knowing it? Thank you for answering