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  1. Hi,I'm Hli4s

    Title of your introduction thread: Hi,I'm Hli4sHow did you find us? Searching on Internet Which types of games do you usually play? Action RPG,MMORPG,Simulation,Strategy,Moba,Idle,FPS. Something about me: Hello,my nickname is xDre4M or known as xD_Vayne, I am a young Gamer,and I work on...
  2. iOS Emulator?

    What iOS Emulator should I use for modding? (Preferably Light Weight) (Runs on Windows 10) and what modding tools should I use for it to get into modding Iphone Games?
  3. Add “tweak” in IOS section!

    Basically people can post tweak (.Deb) activated files there. Would be very useful for who doesn’t wanna pay for tweaks.
  4. Looking for Testers For Upcoming Modded Game

    Exactly as the title States. I'm looking for some people who can help test an IPA game file I will be modding to make sure it all works perfectly :) when done it will be released as a VIP game release so if you are not VIP on here and help test you will get it free without having to pay the SB...
  5. ✅ Solved DISNEY EMOJI BLITZ 25.9.0

    Hi there! Not sure if I’m posting this in the right forum but I have a question/request. I was using the mod for Disney emoji blitz recently (which is amazing) and it was working fine until my primary phone automatically updated to the app. Now, I can’t get the server push to come thru on...
  6. Can iOS apps be ported to Android?

    There's an app which I wanted to download for a longtime but it's only available for iOS. Can such apps be ported to Android as well? I've seen computer games ported to Android and was wondering if it also works with iOS.
  7. What's your rig?

    Hello to everyone! There’s a reason why each of you have decided to join this forum. Whether is to look around for a mod APK or just to socialize with the community. And each of you are an enthusiasm for a specific thing. But if for one thing, I could presume that each of you have minimum...
  8. Existed Games That You Wished Available For Android/IOS But Didn't

    ☝What's up! ☝ I got bored in reading my stuff and take a breather for a while so to spend it up, l post this thread. And also I'm curious about this. There are some games out there that smartphone can handle nowadays, and there even some company who already did have some of their games...
  9. Activating iPhone 6+ and/or iPad mini 1 iOS 11.(?)

    Activating iPhone 6+ and/or iPad mini 1 iOS 11.(?) - - Find My iPhone activated; could not remember credentials Hey gang! :D This is my first post here in the forum. haha! Ironically, I'm not really a big fan of Apple. But, I wanted to ask you guys for any help, suggestions, ideas, etc. on...