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  1. An Issue with Deleting TEMP File in Windows 10!

    Hey Folks, I am encountering a serious problem in my Windows 10 PC. I am unable to delete temp file in Windows 10. Any idea how to fix?
  2. I Want Some Rainmeter Skins For Windows10

    Hello everyone. I recently learned about Rainmeter Skins after I stumble on this post while looking for desktop customization methods. All these skins look really well and I wanted to try out some of them. However, I soon learned that I have no idea how to set up these skins. Can anyone help me...
  3. iOS Emulator?

    What iOS Emulator should I use for modding? (Preferably Light Weight) (Runs on Windows 10) and what modding tools should I use for it to get into modding Iphone Games?